Core Issues


I have just finished my 25th year as a public school teacher. I started out as a social studies teacher but have been a special education teacher for the last 11 years at GFW Jr./Sr. High School. Working in schools you see so many instances where programs are cut or innovative programs are not started because of a lack of school funding. When schools want to keep what they have or start something new, oftentimes this necessitates turning to the voters. If you can’t pass a levy or referendum your students are going to be doing without. Quality education should not be a matter of your zip code. All Minnesota children deserve to have the best schools around. I will always do what needs to be done to help kids.


It is not “Minnesota Nice,” to perpetuate systemic racism and white supremacy. I will work to pass laws that provide equity for all Minnesotans. All lives will not matter until we are committed to practices and policies that show black lives matter.


My grandfather farmed 99 acres and milked a small herd of cows. It is heartbreaking to see that farmers like my grandpa can’t make ends meet and need to sell out to bigger operations. My other grandfather was a buttermaker who depended on dairy farmers to help him make his products. We need to support our family farms. These farmers are vital members of our community and keep the lights on at the businesses in town. Farmers growing corn also keep our ethanol plants running to provide low cost fuel for Minnesotans.

Health Care

I believe that every Minnesotan deserves access to health care. Getting sick should not cause a person to go bankrupt. You shouldn’t have to live in fear that losing your job, means losing your access to health care. I also stand by wearing a mask to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

Rural Broadband

When schools went to distance learning this spring it became clear that many students do not have access to quality internet. Students struggled to watch videos or join a live feed with their classmates. In this day and age access to the internet should be considered a public utility like electricity, water or sewer.

Small Business

During the Covid-19 crisis we have seen the government bail out big business and their billionaire owners. I believe that the government should be putting its support behind small mom and pop businesses helping them to retain their employees and to reopen safely.


People in Greater Minnesota rely on our highways and county roads to transport our goods that ultimately end up on every corner of the globe. We need roads and bridges that will allow us to safely do the business that needs to be done. This need for transportation is also in the form of public transportation. Many people rely on shuttle service to get them from home to work and this service should be expanded to help get people to their job so they can be a part of the workforce